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Technical support

How we will support you and ensure you get the best from our products and services

Some background

Many years ago we realised that providing satisfactory support to our customers was essential if we were to survive and, hopefully, grow. We therefore aim to support our customers at each of the three phases of their relationship with us; firstly when deciding whether to do business with us, secondly, during the implementation of a system and finally, post-implementation, when the system moves into its maintenance phase.

Pre-sales and pre-tender

We can provide generic assistance with communications networks, UTMC concepts, details of existing sites and integration with UTMC-compliant equipment from other suppliers. We work with both public sector customers directly or their consultants and can assist with the identification of requirements and the development of specifications. We feel that the early establishment of a dialogue helps ensure that tender processes result in a solution which is achievable.

During implementation

Our main objective is the delivery of a working system within the specified programme and budget. Our project managers have a track record of successful project delivery and understand the importance of good (and frequent) communication with the Client during implementation.

After implementation

As the implementation phase reaches a conclusion and the Client assumes ownership of the system we move our Supply into a maintenance phase. Where permissible we retain a secure remote link to every piece of equipment we deploy. This enables us to continuously monitor the equipment's operational status and undertake re-configuration and software upgrades remotely. We deliver this support via have a range of maintenance offerings ranging from the simple 'return product for repair/replacement' to a full-service maintenance with periodic site visits arranged round a planned maintenance schedule.