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Product overview

Our product range comprises data communications routers, road traffic counters and related interface products - all purpose-designed for use in the environmentally challenging conditions of the roadside. Our high-speed, shorter range iMesh™ routers provide multipoint-to-multipoint connections over ranges up to around 500m while our iCell™ routers deliver longer range connectivity. As IDT's products use non-proprietary, Open Standards extensively, roadside installations can be rolled-out with a mix of technologies using some of our products seamlessly linked with other technologies such as fibre optics.


Our iMesh network routers provide revenue-free, wireless communications links for traffic signal controllers, variable message signs and car park counters. iMesh is fully open-standard and can be used in conjunction with other technologies such as 3G/4G or xDSL.

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iCell™ routers

Fully tested with the latest (UG405-compliant) traffic signal controllers from both Peek and Siemens, our iCell router enables UTC/SCOOT to be deployed without the need for BT multipoint circuits. The iCell router also supports low-cost CCTV with any IP-enabled camera.

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Car Park Counters

UTMC-compliant car park occupancy counters deliver high quality count data to any UTMC-compliant common database. The car park counter comes with an MCE0100 4-channel inductive loop card as standard with capacity for 4 additional channels of opto-isolated digital inputs.

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meshI/O enables vehicle detectors to be wirelessly linked to a nearby traffic signal controller.  You can use either standard inductive loop detectors or wireless detectors such as TrafiCam or Heimdall detectors.

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iMesh networks are true, peer-to-peer networks and operate autonomously ie. without the need for a network supervisor. However, some of our customers like to know what is going on so we developed iMeshManager. iMeshManager provides an operator with a real-time indication of the status of all mesh links in a network with easy access to historical performance logs.

Traffic counters

Reliable traffic flow and occupancy information for critical links on the network is essential for any Traffic Manager. Co-locating our traffic counters with existing UTMC infrastructure means you can share communications links.

VPN routers

The secure links from our iCell routers need to be terminated at a VPN router at the instation. If you have an existing VPN router then you can use it and we will help you configure it. If you don't already have a suitable router then we can supply one.