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  • Multipoint-to-multipoint wireless links
  • Use in Urban Traffic Control systems to replace BT multi-point circuits
  • Supports both Imtech and Siemens UTC (when used with UG405-compliant OTUs)
  • Highly secure, Open Standards-based for future-proofing
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As BT withdraw the legacy leased circuits that have traditionally been used for communications to traffic signals, UTC managers are increasingly replacing them with wireless networks using iMesh™ .

iMesh™ uses only open standards - both for client access and backhaul. Not only does this assist integration with other systems but also eliminates the risks associated with deploying proprietary solutions.

Not only does iMesh™ offer substantial revenue savings over legacy BT circuits, it also provides the opportunity to integrate other functions such as CCTV, remote wireless vehicle detection and other UTMC-compliant systems such as parking guidance signs and counters.

iMesh Layout

One iMesh™ router is required at each node in a network (for example, in a controller cabinet or up a signal pole). Backhaul links (using fibre, ADSL or IDT’s i3G™ router) provide the connections from the on-street network to the UTC instation.

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Although we have some links operating reliably in excess of 800m, iMesh™ has a typical operating range of 200-300m per hop and supports multiple hops.    As iMesh™ is simultaneously both an access point and a network client it can be deployed as a repeater.    For example, on a street lighting column where there is no requirement for a local connection to an OTU.

Ad hoc re-routing

In the event of a node outage (for example, when a pole gets knocked down), iMesh™ routers will automatically find an alternative route to the backhaul (assuming one exists).    In May 2012 we received the following text in an email from one of our customers (please contact us if you want verification).

For your information, due to signal modifications at xx Rd/Red Car Park exit, the mains supply to the controller (and mesh router) has been switched off. However, the mesh system re-routed and the only transmission fault logged by UTC was on the node that was powered down. Very impressive!


iMesh™ delivers reliable connectivity for the latest UTC systems from Imtech and Siemens.  All of the leading traffic signals maintenance companies have experience installing and maintaining iMesh™ (with personnel trained by IDT).

Network management

iMesh™ is a true mesh network in that it operates as a peer-to-peer network - all roadside nodes operate independently with no need for some kind of centralised control. However, some customers asked us for a monitoring application that would give them a real-time indication of the operational status of the network.   iMeshManager was the result.

Wireless Security
WPA, WPA2 Authentication
MAC Address Access Control
VPN (SSL & IPsec)
Hidden SSID
Netfilter - rule-based, multizone firewalling with NAT and masquerade
Port forwarding
Reserved bandwidth and priority by application or IP address
LAN port
2-port Ethernet auto-switching
WAN port
1-port Ethernet auto-switching
Serial port
For future expansion
246 x 225 x 45 mm (width x depth x height)
0.8 Kg
220Vac or Power over Ethernet
-30 to +70°C, 5 – 95% RH
IP54 (cabinet mounting)
IP67 (external-mounting) with integral 15dBi directional antenna


If you have a network of iMesh routers out on-street, you need a link (known as the 'backhaul') between the iMesh network and your UTC instation. One i3G router located alongside an iMesh router enables a backhaul link to be deployed rapidly without the need for a BT circuit or xDSL service.
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meshI/O enables vehicle detectors to be wirelessly linked to a nearby traffic signal controller.  You can use either standard inductive loop detectors or wireless detectors such as TrafiCam or Heimdall detectors.
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iMesh networks are true, peer-to-peer networks and operate autonomously ie. without the need for a network supervisor. However, some of our customers like to know what is going on so we developed iMeshManager. iMeshManager provides a manager with a real-time indication of the status of all mesh links in a network with easy access to historical performance logs.
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