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iCell routers

  • Rapid provision of high bandwidth wireless links
  • Use in Urban Traffic Control systems to replace BT multi-point circuits
  • Supports both Peek and Siemens UTC (when used with UG405-compliant OTUs)
  • Designed for roadside UTC and CCTV backhaul
  • Can provide backhaul for iMesh networks without any BT circuits
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While cellular networks promise high bandwidth connectivity to remote locations, actually getting seamless connectivity to the roadside from an instation can present a challenge.

IDT's iCell router continues the success of our 2G and 3G routers (nearly 2,000 installed) and enables you to connect roadside UTC or CCTV to your instation network, securely and without BT.


IDT's iCell Router establishes a secure IP tunnel (using the IPsec protocol through the public cellular network) which is terminated at a VPN router at the instation. Our iCell router has been thoroughly tested with Peek Chameleon and Siemens Gemini OTUs on-street with operational UTC systems.

iCell for UTC

A typical solution for UTC backhaul using the iCell router is shown below. This drawing shows a UTC instation communicating with two iCell routers; one of which is in a controller cabinet which does not have line-of-sight with any other junctions. The other iCell router is in a cabinet which has line-of-sight with another junction. An iMesh router has therefore been added enabling one iCell router to provide the backhaul for three junctions and a VMS. A solution like this represents a significant financial saving over multipoint circuits.

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A VPN router is required at the instation to route data via the service provider to the roadside equipment (which can be any IP-capable equipment). To provide adequate levels of security, cellular networks are complex to set up but, once implemented, have low maintenance requirements. We normally design and implement all networks which use our iCell Routers.

3 G - HSxPA Tri-band 850/1900/2100 MHz
Speeds Up to 7.2Mbps downlink, up to 2Mbps uplink
EDGE/GPRS Class 10 - Quad band
900/1800/850/1900 MHz
EDGE Speeds 236kbps downlink, 59kbps uplink
GPRS Speeds 80kbps downlink, 20kbps uplink
10/100baseT Ethernet RJ45
RS232 (9-way D-type) for terminal
240 x 230 x 44 mm
1.5 Kg
110/23V (auto switching) 10W Max
240V ac at 1.5 A max
IP54 or IP67 (please specify which is required)


The iCell router can be used a backhaul router to connect a UTC instation with an on-street, sub-network of iMesh routers. iMesh routers provide revenue-free, wireless communications links for traffic signal controllers, variable message signs and car park counters. iMesh is fully open-standard and can be used in conjunction with other technologies such as xDSL, iCell or fibre optic.
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VPN routers

Security in our iCell router is provided using a protocol called IPsec. 'Tunnels' are created between the iCell router and the instation which go through the public cellular network and the Internet. At the instation, the tunnels are terminated at a VPN router.